Division of joint property of spouses and division of inheritance

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Limited partnership

The provisions on a general partnership shall apply accordingly to a limited partnership. Therefore, the rules developed by the Supreme Court regarding the division of joint property when one of the spouses became a partner in a general partnership also applies to the limited partnership. Therefore, the subject of the division will also be an abstract claim for reimbursement of expenses from joint assets to cover the contribution in a limited partnership.

In the event of the death of a general partner, as in the case of a general partnership, the company is dissolved in principle and we are awaiting the outcome of the proceedings. Therefore, what will be the result of liquidation goes to the inheritance division. However, the death of a limited partner does not constitute a reason for dissolution of the company. The heirs of the limited partner should indicate to the company one person to exercise their rights. Actions performed by other partners before such an indication bind the heirs of the limited partner. a The division of a limited partner's share in the company's assets between heirs is effective against the company only with the consent of the other partners.

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