Division of joint property of spouses and division of inheritance

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Repayment of debts by division of joint property and inheritance department

If one of the heirs has paid off the inheritance debt, he may demand settlement of his expenses at the inheritance department. He may demand reimbursement of his costs from the other heirs in parts which correspond to the size of their shares. After the division of the estate, each heir responds proportionally to the value of the property he has received.

Debt repayment is also important when it comes to sharing common property. If the debt of one of the spouses was repaid with funds derived from joint property, the spouse must reimburse the entire expenditure when the joint property is distributed (in practice, the part of the property that is due to him is reduced by the value of this expenditure). In the reverse situation, when the joint debt of the spouses has been repaid from the spouse's personal property, he or she may demand reimbursement of the repayment value when the joint property is distributed.

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